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Design is an art of constructive thinking and the very essence of any alluring creation. At Viroka Luce, we seek design inspiration from the multifaceted nature and its organic manifestation. Our collection is designed to motivate meaningful connections with a profound sense of timeless intimacy. It showcases organic configuration through nature-inspired shapes, lighting a path of freedom and formation. With an emphasis on Functionality and form, every fixture is marked by modern elements, poised to enrich the profile of any space. Deep and varied tones and elegant details reflect precision balanced by effortless grace and beauty.

Celebrating our age-old and exquisitely handcrafted traditions of making lights, our artisans use hand skills infused with modern technologies to create fixtures that transcend beyond the limits of time and beauty, making them ageless. With a penchant for creating ornate structures and opulent finishes, we meticulously follow our principles to breathe life into each design. From a mere sketch to conceptualizing a design, visual renderings, prototypes and sampling, collectively mark our creative process which is not an exhaustive list as we thrive on the exchange of ideas with architects and designers and collaborate to get shop drawing approvals of their designs prior to launch the designs into production. Our clientele is also actively involved in the entire process to ensure that every design has the variability in its diverse shape with equal sway that seamlessly adapts to its surroundings.

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